Sunday, July 17, 2016

Event 1

For my first event, I went to one of the exhibits that was closest to UCLA, which was the Getty Center. I have seen the Getty Museum many times when I drive on the freeway, but I never knew that it was actually the Getty Museum. When I first arrived at the Getty Center, I was amazed by the architecture a lot and the sheer size of the multiple buildings. Everything just seemed so clean and the tan colors of the building brought about this fresh vibe too it. It was very refreshing to see the unique architectural design of the Getty Museum, because I was so used to the typical tall structured buildings the Los Angeles has.

Image of me with one of the workers

When I walked around to examine the different exhibits that each building had, the one that caught my eyes the most was the “Dido and Arenas.” The reason this piece caught my eye was because I looked into this image when I did research from a few weeks ago. During my research, I found out that this particular artist utilized distortion and focal point. The focal point was used to draw the viewers attention to the center of the image. Additionally, distortion was used to manipulate certain body parts to give the impression that it was closer or moving.

Didos and Aeneas

However, the favorite part of the Getty Museum was the Central Garden. The Central Garden was nothing like I have ever scene before. The creator of this work masterfully incorporates the use of flower, water, various plants, and architecture. As you can see through the image that I attached below, there is this symmetry and balance between each side. The waterfall is strategically placed in the middle and splits the garden. On each side there are three trees like structures full of blossoming plants. Each side of the garden has its own sphere and morphs into the middle. Overall, I really enjoyed my time at the Getty Museum and would most definitely recommend it.

Central Garden

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